Being the seventh largest education system in the world, Bangladesh is relentlessly trying to ensure education for all and a2i has been playing a significant role in this journey. Online learning platforms like MuktoPaath, Teachers Portal, Konnect, and other educational initiatives are embodiments of the nation’s relentless strive to make quality education accessible and affordable for all. The conventional perception of education is tied to going to school. No school means no education. So, when COVID forced schools to close leaving all 50 million students stranded, these initiatives, which form the basis for the public EdTech ecosystem in Bangladesh, provided the means to bring education to their homes.

Bangladesh’s approach to reforming the education ecosystem has been multidimensional. It is a collaborative effort between the Government, NGOs, and the private sector. Together, they have created a digital education ecosystem, which follows a multimodal approach - a combination of multiple high-tech, low-tech, and non-tech learning modalities. It is integrated within an overarching education strategy, anchored to the curriculum with an aim to reach every learner.

Keeping pace with the changing times, a2i has provided technical support to the education ministry to adopt a Private-Public-People-Media (PPPM) strategy to facilitate learning and teaching from home. This has helped bring a significant and positive change in the mindset of both learners and teachers.