15, June 2022

An Honorary Trainee Doctor of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital in Dhaka, Dr. Moon Ray has been fighting on the frontlines treating Covid-19 patients. Along with many doctors, she also struggled and feared for her safety due to the lack of protective gear.

“The hospital slowly started getting supplies of personal protective equipment, masks, gloves and goggles from different sources, but they were not very comfortable and had loopholes which allowed air and fluids to enter” said Dr. Moon.

Innovation Lab (iLab) then started distributing PPEs that they had come up with to hospitals all over the country.

Of all the PPEs she used, she found iLab’s ones to be the best in terms of comfort, material, purpose and price. “The lightweight material and the smooth surface of the PPEs is the reason why I feel they are the most comfortable as I feel less warm. They do not allow fluids or air to penetrate, come with shoe covers, and have large head covers to protect the face. I feel safe and comfortable wearing iLab’s PPEs when treating a coronavirus patient and this has helped me with my duties as a doctor as well” said Dr Moon.