15, June 2022

Tapu is a young, enthusiastic eighth grader from Karimuddin Public Pilot High School in Kaliganj of Lalmonirhat district. Young Tapu dreamt of becoming a journalist one day. However, with schools and libraries closed, he did not have access to the knowledge he so craved and his dream felt farther away than ever before. 

“I felt trapped at home. Books are my refuge. They let me go on all sorts of adventures and teach me so much more than anything else. However, because of the pandemic, I cannot go anywhere to purchase a book or even to the library to read. If I had a computer, I could have read on Konnect like my friends. I wouldn’t be left behind and I could work towards achieving my goals,” expressed Tapu.

Seeing Tapu’s exceptional passion and enthusiasm for learning, his family managed to get him a computer. This was thrilling to Tapu. It meant he could finally have access to Konnect and the resources that he had heard about from his teachers. It was the first step towards realizing his dream.

“Connecting to Konnect was nothing short of a dream come true for me. I am able to access many different topics and read up on the ones that excite me the most. I no longer fear being left behind. I am racing towards my goal,” said Tapu. “Thanks to Konnect, I was able to do a course on journalism. I’m proud to announce that I now work as a child journalist in the local newspaper,” expressed an excited young Tapu.

Like Tapu, Konnect has introduced a new dimension of learning and empowerment to over 300,000 students, changing their lives for the better.